Message From The Owner xx

Gym Leggings UK is owned by women and run by women.

February 2017, Gym Leggings online store opened.

The idea came from constantly trying to look good in the gym, but not having the budget to buy the leggings I saw my idols wearing.

But when you go to the gym almost everyday day, you need at least 4-5 pairs of leggings- I couldn’t avoid buying new leggings.

I would buy leggings from overseas and they would take forever to arrive and I wouldn’t be sure what the quality and size would be like.

After doing this a few times, I realized I had found a small niche in the market….and that’s when Gym Leggings UK came alive.


We believe that all women should focus on feeling confident and sexy, and one of the best ways to keep ourselves feeling great is working out!

Getting a new pair of leggings is always instant motivation, we have high waisted leggings that cinch in your waist – (perfect for when your bulking, or after a weekend or vacation full of cheat meals!) And we have leggings that enhance your butt- perfect to wear on days you know your gym crush will be in the gym wink wink

The fact Is, our gym wear plays a big part in our motivation and helps us with our confidence.


Rewarding yourself with a new gym outfit is also another way to celebrate fitness goals and stop yourself from feeling deflated.

We understand that when your workout a lot, you tend to party less and drink even less, so it’s only normal that you might get those days where you begin to feel like ‘what is the point’ but dedicating a specific day of the week to look HOT in the gym (our day is Tuesday) will keep your spirits high. Give it a name, and make it fun …Thirst trap Thursdays, or Fine Girl Fridays!

Do your hair, put on some mineral foundation, pair that with some mascara and your sexy Gym Leggings UK outfit, and trust us, it will keep you feeling sexy and motivated.


We try to keep our Gym Wear as affordable as possible whilst giving you a spectrum of styles and colours.


So not only will you look like your #WCW, you won’t break the bank whilst doing it.

Too many brands are charging £70 plus for a pair of workout leggings, and whilst we totally understand why, we try to splurge on having quality products and save on the extra frills, giving you items that are always priced under £30.


We want to be your staple pair of leggings, your comfy pair of leggings and your sexy leggings!

So never forget how sexy you are, and always remember Gym Leggings UK.



Proud Owner of Gym Leggings UK